Gigabit Networks Hits One Million Milestone

Fibre connectivity provider Gigabit Networks has announced a new milestone to start the new year. Thanks to increases in coverage, the company now has 1 million businesses on net across the UK.   

Gigabit Networks is a full-fibre altnet aggregator, offering channel partners access to different altnets through a single point of contact. This gives MSPs and resellers the ability to provide futureproof FTTP and leased line connections, with sales, technical and marketing support from the Gigabit Networks team. 

With a growing range of altnet partners, Gigabit Networks can now provide full-fibre connectivity to 1 million businesses nationwide. 

Reaching 1,000,000 businesses 

Gigabit Networks’ national footprint and access to a variety of altnets has allowed them to achieve the 1,000,000 milestone, and highlights the exciting opportunities for success available to their community of partners.  

By accessing a range of altnets including CityFibre, BTW, Full Fibre, Freedom Fibre, Telecom/Giga Britain, ITS, Vodafone and MS3, Gigabit Networks are powering businesses with full-fibre connectivity.  

Gigabit Networks are ambitious, and have their sights set on becoming the UK’s premier altnet connectivity aggregator for businesses. As they look to amplify their presence across an extensive network footprint, the altnet aggregator is setting the pace for the connectivity industry’s future. 

2024 and Gigabit Networks 

Gigabit Network’s reputation is not only built upon access to superior connectivity but also on their outstanding service to partners. Their community of partners benefit from a personalised, one point of contact account management and access to strategic marketing support tailored to their needs as well as engaging incentives. 

Gigabit Networks’ Head of New Business and Channel Sales, Tim Loveday, commented on their one million on-net milestone. 

“Reaching the one million on-net milestone is amazing, and I think it really shows the drive of the Gigabit Networks team and community of partners we have bringing full fibre to businesses across the UK.  

Ultra-fast gigabit connectivity is the future, and we are focused on leading the way. One million is just the beginning and 2024 is set to be fantastic.” 

If you’re interested in finding out more about Gigabit’s partnership opportunities, discover more here

Partnership on Your Terms

At Gigabit Networks, we set our sights high when it comes to our partners. As a supplier, we recognise the immense potential to contribute to the overall success and sustained growth of our partners.

Gigabit Networks

Connectivity is at the core of modern business, and working with our partners we bring fast, future proof, ultra reliable internet connectivity to businesses across the UK. Through a nationwide footprint with access to a wide range of altnets, we’re dedicated to growing businesses and communities.

Our high-quality infrastructure is built for the 21st century, and our wrap around approach to supporting our partners empowers them to deliver superior connectivity and achieve a greater market share and profit.

Partnering with Gigabit Networks

No reseller, MSP or VAR is the same, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to partnership.

Our flexible and tailored approach all depends on the needs of the partner. Some partners are confident to handle ops, tech support and billing themselves, others may require that support from us. Whether a partner needs top to bottom support or just the connectivity, working with Gigabit Networks they have a supplier that’s got their back.

So, what are the benefits of working with a supplier that’s ‘all in’? Let’s start off with our personal approach.

Benefits of partnering with Gigabit Networks

A personal approach
Some suppliers keep things faceless with their channel partners. We don’t. Here at Gigabit Networks, we like working on first name terms and believe in connecting regularly and listening to the needs of each individual business before we sweep in with what we can do. By getting to know our partners and the challenges they face, we’re immediately in a strong position to tailor the support to their requirements and ultimately elevate their success.

Partners gain access to our range of 1Gbps active products, allowing them to help their customers improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Not only do our connectivity solutions offer superior speeds but when it comes to offers and incentives, we’re able to switch competitive offers and incentives overnight.

Invested in our partners, we’re focused on giving them the freedom to use every last inch of our fibre networks across the UK. Our advanced network infrastructure and commercial flexibility helps our partner achieve a greater market share and profit.

The high quality of our products, support and service is backed up by a proven track record. We invest in system improvements and our people, giving our partners the confidence that we have the most up to date market research and knowledge. And, our benchmarked SLAs confirm a record of quality network delivery and reliability.

As we briefly touched on earlier, our support is tailored to each partner. Through a single point of contact, partners build trusting relationships with the Gigabit Networks team and learn very quickly that we will go the extra mile. From ops and technical support to marketing and billing, we back our partners with what they need.

For us, connectivity is our core, but we understand that some resellers and MSPs may not have the same knowledge and experience. Working with us, we can support partners with personalised and impactful marketing, from email campaigns to going door to door. If our partners are successful then so are we, which is why we take the time to invest in them.

Future-proof connectivity

At Gigabit Networks we strive to be a leader in future proof connectivity and create strong partnerships with mutual goals. With our nationwide footprint and access to a diverse range of altnets, we are dedicated to propelling businesses and communities into the future with our fast, reliable, and future-proof internet connectivity.

Our unique approach to partnership recognises the individuality of each reseller, MSP, or VAR, ensuring a tailored and flexible collaboration which aligns with their needs. Partnering with Gigabit Networks goes beyond mere connectivity; it is a gateway to a personal, high-speed, and quality experience.

Our commitment to a personal approach, superior speeds, quality infrastructure, and unwavering support underscores our mission to empower partners and contribute to their growth and success. Together, we are bridging the connectivity gap and fostering a future where businesses thrive on the strength of seamless and cutting-edge internet solutions.

To find out more about Gigabit Networks and becoming a partner, get in touch.

Why should you become a Gigabit partner?

  1. Modern & Fit-for-purpose

As a partner you will have access to our extensive market research and knowledge base in which we have built a suite of tools that foster innovation. 

Our trusted team strives for digital transformation through our modern network infrastructure and commercial flexibility not only beneficial to consumers but to help you to achieve greater market share and profit. 

We constantly invest in our systems and people to provide stress-free business; our team believes in collaboration and as partners we can provide modern enhanced networks transforming the midlands into smart towns and cities. 

  1. Innovative products 

Gigabit has been voted the best ISP in the Midlands within the Internet and telecom providers. 

Our range of 1Gbps capable active products can be used to help your clients unlock huge benefits that will improve their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. 

We are an independent team sharing the purefibre difference, therefore there is ‘no-one pulling our strings’. Our brand is all about building innovative fibre networks and giving our partners the freedom to use every last inch of them.

  1. Service and network performance 

We offer benchmarked SLAs and have a proven record of quality network delivery and reliability. 

Our partners work with us because we deliver exceptional network performance and support locally while understanding their customer’s requirements just like they do. 

Gigabit Networks is a UK company with a policy of customers for life, we offer advanced telecom services at commercially attractive prices with the guarantee of reliability, speed and quality. 

As partners we can assist in business growth by delivering high quality services and customer support with expert UK based technical support. Finally Our PureFibre network (CityFibre’s UK network) is a brand new, state-of-art fibre network – designed with the utmost resilience and reliability support.

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Two Years at Gigabit Networks: An Exclusive Interview with Tim

As Tim Loveday (Head of New Business and Channel Sales) celebrates his remarkable two-year journey with Gigabit Networks, we had the privilege of sitting down with him to reflect on the incredible growth and transformation this company has witnessed during his tenure. In this exclusive interview, Tim takes us on a captivating ride through the company’s evolution, the dynamic industry trends in full-fibre technology, his insights on Gigabit Network’s market competitiveness, the expanding partnerships and collaborations that have fueled their success, and his exciting vision for the future. This conversation offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Gigabit Networks and the driving force behind its impressive rise in the world of connectivity.

What Has the Company’s Growth and Transformation Been Like in the Last Two Years? 

Tim: The company has changed exponentially since I joined in 2021. We have gone from 3 to 23 staff and upped revenues 10-fold in that period of trading! Honestly, when I started at the business, we were very much still in startup mode, the network was still being built, and we were still finding our feet in terms of the product and go-to-market strategy. Over a two-year period, we have managed to productise the services that we deliver, define clear routes to market and build those effectively, and drive monthly run rate revenues into the business, which now means we are turning a profit rather than burning cash. The achievements above mean that we are now effectively in scale-up mode, where we are looking for continued sustainable growth to get to our aim of being one of the largest and most successful FTTP aggregators in the UK. 

In terms of staff, we have made a number of strategic hires across those two years, bringing in seasoned channel talent to make sure we can help deliver the growth plans that we have. Of course, scaling is always a relatively challenging process, and hiring staff can be a lottery, but through our internship and apprenticeship programmes, we have managed to bring in young talent from local areas and train them up to be the people that we need within our business to help us achieve the goals that we have.  

What Has Been the Industry Trends and Full-fibre Advancements During This Period? 

Tim: In terms of the FTTP landscape, a lot has changed in the last two years, and there are some significant milestones to come over the next two years as well. The PSTN switch-off is, of course, fueling the delivery of FTTP, and we are capitalising on this as best we can. We are now seeing FTTP cover a significant amount of the population, and this is only set to grow. Openreach is now opening its infrastructure for other carriers to deliver across, and that will only accelerate the delivery of the new technology. All of this leads to more access to the internet and clouds, which speeds up working environments, gaming environments, the ability to do homework online, and so on. The possibilities are literally endless with this.

The biggest change to come in the FTTP arena, aside from the obvious switch-off, will be the TOTSCO switching process, which brings some regulation as to how we can switch FTTP between carriers and how the customer is looked after. Much like how broadband was regulated many years ago, this will bring some uniformity to how a customer can move between suppliers and ensure that they aren’t misled or duped by overzealous sales techniques. There is still a lot of work to do here, and I see some speed bumps on the road ahead, but all in all, I think this will be a great addition to the industry and will protect consumers, businesses, and ISP’s alike when we hit the full scale of FTTP in the UK.

What Do You Have to Say About Gigabit Network’s Market Position and Competitiveness? 

Tim: From a competitive point of view, I think we are able to punch way above our weight in this industry. The supplier relationships we have, the network we have built, and the commercials we have managed to secure allow us to compete with the big boys like Vodafone, Giacom and Talk Talk, but without the huge overheads and head counts that they have. Not only are we extremely competitive in the consumer space, but we are also able to be keen on pricing within the channel while being fleet of foot and able to offer true partnership options that you won’t get elsewhere. As a channel veteran, we all know that people buy people, and the fact that my sales team and I can give a real personal service pays dividends for us and is a real focus of our channel model moving forward.

As we progress through the end of 2023 and into 2024, we will continue to deliver cutting-edge products in terms of speed and availability, as well as adding additional carriers to the mix, which will continue to enhance our product range for consumers and channel partners alike. Watch this space for some exciting news on all fronts. Connectivity is key in our lives today, and we will aim to ensure that we can always deliver you the best options for any opportunity that you may stumble across.

Success breeds success, as we know, and all the above has led us to a few awards across the last few years: Channel Champions Marketing Team of the Year, Best ISP in the Midlands, Best Emerging ISP, Best Supplier of Urban Broadband—the list goes on. We are, of course, very proud of these awards, but that’s not what it is all about for us. Knowing that our customers are happy and that they have exceptional service from us is all we need to sleep well at night!

How Has Gigabit Network’s Partnerships and Collaborations Evolved Over the Years? 

Tim: Currently, we are partnered with CityFibre, Full Fibre, F&W Networks, BT Wholesale, and a few others, but this list will continue to grow as we do. Having supportive suppliers is one of the keys to our success; they have empowered us to grow and ensure that we are competitive in a tough landscape, and this has driven us to pay this forward to our customers. Above our suppliers, however, our channel partners are the lifeblood of all that we do. They enable us to reach opportunities that we would never get to on our own, and for this, we thank you. As always, the channel has embraced the new technologies that we deliver and consumes them at an incredible rate. They are passionate and enthusiastic about the future products that we are looking to deliver, and we are just as excited and enthusiastic to deliver them to you. 

The channel has led us to deliver some outstanding business, from a 24-site storage company to a 500-site coffee shop chain, all perfect examples of the power of the channel and the long-lasting relationships that those channel partners build with their clients. We would like to think that you could ask any of our channel partners what it is like to deal with Gigabit Networks and that they would all give a resounding excellent! But don’t take my word for it; if you would like to talk to a partner, let me know, and I can arrange a chat for you.

Share Your Thoughts About Your Future Outlook and Vision for the Business 

Tim: The future is bright for Gigabit Networks. Our mission statement is to be able to deliver sustainable next-generation broadband to all homes and businesses across the UK. We genuinely feel that a good FTTP connection is the last broadband connection you should ever need to buy. With the advent of 2.5Gb, 5Gb, and even 10Gb FTTP around the corner, the possibilities of what we can deliver are quite literally limitless! By the time we get to 2027, copper will be a thing of the past and the future will be solely glass fibre broadband, which means we are perfectly positioned to be one of the premier suppliers of these services to the UK channel as we evolve into that next iteration of what the UK communications industry looks like.

What Do You Think About Your Personal Growth and Leadership During This Period? 

Tim: From a personal perspective, working at Gigabit Networks has given me the chance to grow both personally and professionally. We are lucky enough to have an amazing owner and mentor here, and he has molded and shaped the SLT to be able to drive the business towards its goals while still giving us all the freedom to make informed decisions and ensure that we always have the business’s best interests at heart. I have certainly learned a lot from his style of leadership, and as such, I employ these management strategies with the staff that we have brought on board over the last two years.

In summary, the last two years have been an absolute roller coaster, but the type of ride that leaves you wanting to get straight back on and go again, but next time with bigger dips and more loop-de-loops! Gigabit Networks is a name that will be here to stay in the channel, and I would welcome anyone to come and speak to us about how we can work together and help bring the next generation of connectivity to your customer base. Drop me a line (, or request a partner pack here. There is always a space in my diary for a quick team!

Why it’s time to add connectivity

Broadband—it’s an essential part of modern-day life and part of the foundations of every business. So, it begs the question: Should MSPs be selling connectivity to their customers? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why.

As an MSP, you’re uniquely positioned to harness the benefits of a connectivity arm. I’m going to share with you why you should be adding connectivity to your product portfolio, the benefits for both MSPs and their customers, and how Gigabit Networks provide the support to make it happen.

Let’s jump straight in.

1. It’s another revenue stream

As an MSP, you might already be providing your customers with IT, cybersecurity, telecoms, or all the above. You already understand the IT landscape and the role that connectivity plays, and you’ve honed the skills to effectively manage your MSP services. This makes adding connectivity the next logical step!

Connectivity isn’t a complicated product to onboard for new customers, and armed with your industry experience, you can start reaping the benefits of additional revenue with minimal effort.

2. You will be offering a better service

Each company will have unique requirements, but every business needs connectivity that supports their business activity. By providing businesses with options for all-fibre FTTP and Ethernet connectivity, you’re elevating their security and their services.

Offering leased line connectivity delivers uncontended internet (and peace of mind) to your customers, and this is a big sell for data-hungry companies that want airtight security.

As we’ve already touched on, you might be providing other technology services already, so adding connectivity means you’re offering an even better, centralised service.

3. Fewer support tickets

If you’re selling cloud services, you’re selling services that depend on reliable internet access. How often does an IT support ticket surface that’s rooted in poor connectivity or bandwidth? We’re guessing you’ve encountered your fair share. But the good news is – you can prevent this. By providing your customer’s connectivity solution, you’re one step ahead of the troubleshooting; this means reduced support tickets and less resource expenditure.

4. Attracting new business and cross-selling opportunities

You’ve invested time, energy, and resources into your customer relationships. All the hard work has been done; now it’s time to leverage the trusted relationships and established customer base.

Your current customers become viable sales prospects that are already down the funnel, providing the opportunity for an easier sale. As a known entity, you’re the natural choice for those considering a connectivity upgrade and can continue to keep customers happy (long-term!).

Customers want an easy life, and you want an easy sale. Connectivity meets the needs of both sides of the table. Products such as telecoms and IT are multi-layered and often a more considered purchase. So, when it comes to attracting new customers, leading with telecoms can be tricky.

By contrast, connectivity is less complicated and daunting. Customers can be resistant to change when it comes to their sole communication system, whereas a broadband connection is far less personal.  Adding connectivity is a quicker and easier sale that requires less back and forth with a new customer, and with the added benefit of quick deployment time, there’s a lot to shout about.

Why choose Gigabit Networks?

Here at Gigabit Networks, we understand the connectivity landscape, and we take our partnerships seriously. A true partnership is not just about making a sale; it is also about supporting you to grow and be successful.

Here are just a few ways we provide value and support to our MSPs:

  • We offer tailored sales and marketing packages, so you’re never left on your own.
  • We will be your single point of contact, making communications and support requests easy.
  • We provide a simple, future-proof all-fibre product range that delivers true reliability.
  • We take a hands-on approach and provide support where you need it; we’ll even knock on doors for you!

Final thoughts

Everything starts with connectivity, so why not lead with it? At Gigabit Networks, we’re here to support you in making connectivity not just part of your offering but a successful part of it.

We’re on your team, one point of contact, building a trusting relationship that drives success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity connectivity provides. If you’re ready to start generating more revenue and strengthening your relationship with your customers, chat to our team and request a partner pack.