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What we do

We’re a single point of contact for multiple altnets. So, we offer Channel Partners full-fibre connectivity with nationwide coverage.

Most of all, we offer real partnership. We’re not just a supplier – we do everything we can to help you win deals and future-proof your customers.

True Partnership

For us, the channel is all about relationships. That’s exactly what we offer MSPs and resellers who partner with us. We believe in first-name terms, regular contact and understanding your aims. Then, we’ll do whatever we can to help you achieve them.

We’ll offer every bit of support you need. Maybe it’s help with marketing or sales. Perhaps it’s installations, tech support or billing. Your goals are our goals. If that’s what you look for in a provider, get in touch!

Learn about the benefits

The benefits of partnering with gigabit networks

We combine the strengths and reach of multiple altnets, giving you access to a UK-wide full-fibre network. This means we can connect your customers across the country.

We give you all that infrastructure and all those altnets with one number to dial. So, you can get quicker, more convenient access to multiple providers in one place.

We do partnerships, not transactions. That means getting to know you and your business and providing whatever support you need to succeed.

All fibre, no nonsense. We provide FTTP and leased lines with static IPs. That’s it. So you can quote quickly, and future-proof your customers nationwide.

We’ll run marketing campaigns for you. We’ll even knock on doors for you! Our goals are your goals – so we do whatever we can to help you achieve them.

Connectivity is the foundation of modern business and all the cloud services you provide. Our benchmark SLAs ensure the performance your customers need.

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Our partner packages

The way you do business is unique. That’s why we have different partner packages to suit you. Instead of dictating terms, we’ll find a way of working together that works for you and your customers.

Talk to us about a solution that fits your needs, please see some typical reseller types below: