Empowering Resellers: A Case Study with MLCS

At Gigabit Networks, we believe in the power of partnership. Our commitment to supporting our resellers goes beyond providing quality full-fibre business internet products and services; it’s about fostering relationships that drive mutual success. Let’s take a closer look at our partnership with MLCS Ltd., a dynamic reseller based near Peterborough, and discover how we’ve worked together to achieve remarkable results.


In the bustling world of connectivity and IT services, small resellers like MLCS play a crucial role in delivering personalised solutions to local businesses. Despite being an individual, Mike Luxford, the founder of MLCS, strives to provide top-notch telecom, connectivity, and IT services to small businesses in the Peterborough area and beyond.

Building Trust and Support:

Unlike most suppliers, Gigabit Networks recognised the potential of supporting MLCS. We understood that Mike needed more than just products; he needed a reliable partner who could offer unwavering support. Thus, we embarked on a journey to become an extension of Mike’s team, handling tasks ranging from deployment to billing and technical support.

Trade Show Support:

When the opportunity arose for Mike to exhibit at the prestigious Peterborough Biscuit, Gigabit Networks was there every step of the way. Our Business Development Manager, Andi, joined Mike at the event, doubling his resources and amplifying his opportunities for connections and leads. Together, we showcased the benefits of full-fibre connectivity and made a lasting impression on potential customers.

Going the Extra Mile:

Our commitment to excellence didn’t end at the event. We continued to support Mike as he navigated the post-event landscape, closing sales, generating leads, and exploring cross-selling opportunities. Our collaborative efforts resulted in tangible outcomes, reinforcing the value of our partnership.

Unrivalled Support:

At Gigabit Networks, our support extends far beyond the transactional realm. We’re more than just a service provider; we’re a trusted ally, dedicated to empowering our partners to thrive in a competitive market. From creating marketing collateral to providing ongoing support, we’re with our resellers every step of the way.

The case of MLCS exemplifies the essence of our approach to partnership: quality products, unwavering support, and meaningful relationships. Together, we’ve demonstrated that success is not measured solely by sales figures but by the impact we make on our partners’ businesses and their customers. As we continue to empower resellers like MLCS, we invite more partners (MSPs and resellers) to join us on this journey towards excellence.

At Gigabit Networks, your success and your business customers success are our success. Join us today and experience the difference of a genuine partnership.

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